Custom Home Healthcare Services Based on Your Unique Needs

Hiring home healthcare services can be a stressful job, but Classic Home Healthcare believes it doesn’t have to be.

Home Healthcare Services

We want to simplify the process for you. Our professionals work with your doctors and specialists in order to create a care plan that is unique and individualized. No two patients receive the same care plan, because no two people have the same personalities and needs.

Not only do we consider the patient’s medical needs when creating a care plan, but we consider the needs of others living within the home. The family dynamic and functionality of the overall home is important, whether you need the occasional therapist or ongoing comprehensive nursing services.

Home Healthcare Services and Caregivers You Can Trust

Classic Home Healthcare provides a variety of medical services, including medical social work services, pediatric services and geriatric services. Our professionals have the expertise and experience that you expect from in-home caregivers, but they also have an unexpected passion for serving each patient with respect and compassion.

Once an initial assessment is made and a unique care plan is created just for you or your loved one, these caregivers enter your home for a few hours a day or around the clock, depending on your needs. They come into your home familiar with your care plan and work with you to ensure that the plan continues to meet your needs.

When adjustments are necessary, your trusted caregivers will make sure that you understand why changes are being made and allow you to approve those changes prior to completing the adjustment. All caregivers entering your home will understand the adjustments and follow the most updated version of your care plan at all times.

Classic Home Healthcare hires professionals with a sincere passion for their work and for changing the lives of others. They are dedicated to implementing unique care plans that suit the needs of individual patients perfectly.

Long Term Care with Flexibility and Dependability

Flexibility and dependability are important when it comes to long-term healthcare. Whether our professionals are helping your loved one fold socks and cook dinner or are administering medications and turning them to avoid bedsores, they understand how important it is to follow the agreed-upon care plan at all times. No detail is too small to take seriously.

When something is no longer working for a patient or a new diagnosis changes the care plan, immediate reassessment is conducted by our professional staff. In fact, family members are encouraged to voice their opinions at all times in order to ensure that the patient is getting the complete care he or she needs. Our responsive staff can change the plan and reply to family concerns in a respectful and timely manner.

Pediatric Care Plans Available

Believe it or not, children need home healthcare services as well. Life will change now that they have different medical needs, but our staff can guarantee to make that transition more comfortable. Like the adult care plans, our staff will work around the clock, or only as needed, depending on the patient. Our professionals will develop a care plan that will take all of your families needs into consideration, while making your child as comfortable as possible.

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