Customized Home Health Care
Service Planning

Excellent home health care service always starts with an analysis and a plan.

Classic Home Healthcare sets out to thoroughly assess the needs of each patient and their family members, while setting up a plan that provides the best care. We offer a free consultation prior to starting any services, then, based on assessment, we start the process of providing in-home care to you or your loved ones.

It Starts with a FREE Consultation

Home Care Service Planning and Consultation

Classic Home Healthcare wants to provide a friendly meeting with expert medical professionals who want the best for our clients. The goal of this private and free meeting is to assess each of our future patient’s medical conditions, look over all doctor and specialist prescriptions and recommendations, and gain insight from family members who are currently caring for the patient.

Though our professionals are thorough, they are also friendly and respectful. Right from this first consultation, they are mindful of what it means to be guests in your home. They are willing to meet in your hospital room prior to your loved ones release if you want to get the process started so that care can begin immediately once they are home. Parts of the consultation may also require a home visit to ensure the environment is safe for the care being planned.

Personalized Home Health Care Service Plan

After you have completed the free consultation, our professionals will develop a care plan that is unique to your needs and lifestyle. You can approve every item included in the plan so that the final product meets all of your expectations and desires.

Our plans are not standard lists that we recycle for every patient. Your plan will encompass your unique needs and the needs of your family. The goal is always to create a customized care plan that gives every patient the respect, dignity and independence they deserve.

Exceptional service cannot be delivered without an exceptional plan that considers all facets of a patient’s life. This is the type of plan you will receive from our professionals, and you can always voice your opinions or request changes as your loved one’s needs change with time.

Exceptional Service You Can Trust

We understand that the professional consultation and care plan processes may be overwhelming, but Classic Home Healthcare is here to make the entire process painless and simple. We do all of the work needed in order to make each patient’s family at ease with the stress of it all. The only part that we want the family to feel like they have to be apart of is letting us know how we can make a better plan of care for their loved ones. Our dedicated medical teams are here to support and work with you, because we want to come into your home and deliver that care with professionalism, courtesy, and compassion.

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