Home Care Costs and Payment Options

Home Care Cost Consultant

You are not alone in being concerned about home care costs. In fact, we realize that everyone worries about the cost of in-home care, and when the time comes that it is actually needed, we want to be here for you as your worries increase.

Classic Home Healthcare works with every patient and their families to determine payment arrangements that fit their budget and lifestyle. You have many options for payment, including the following:

Our Payment Options for Home Care Costs:

Private Insurance

Classic Home Healthcare accepts most private insurance policies, and we even bill your insurance company directly. We do all of the work, including: contacting the insurance provider to determine what your policy covers, figuring out what requirements must be meant in order to approve our services, and determining what you can expect in terms of copays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

If long-term care is needed, you may even apply a long-term care policy, in order to cover those expenses. After a free consultation with one of out professionals is completed, and after we look into what your policy covers, we will find the top private insurance option that works best for you.


Do you believe you or a loved one meets the requirements for Medicare coverage, or do you need to determine if your Medicare covers in-home services? Our agency is approved to accept Medicare and can help you assess whether you meet all requirements for this type of coverage. In order to make in-home care more affordable, Classic Home Healthcare will look into the financials and coverage given by Medicare, and do the paperwork for you, while including you in the process.


There are multiple state Medicaid programs that may provide coverage for in-home healthcare services. Some programs are based on your income solely while others take special needs into consideration. Our professionals can help you determine whether you meet the criteria required for Medicaid coverage in order to reduce the burden of paying for your in-home healthcare.

Private Pay

If you were planning on paying for in-home care services independently, Classic Home Healthcare works with each individual and their families in order to create a payment plan that is as affordable as possible. After an individual, free consultation, the cost of care will be discussed and assessed so that we can provide you with the most cost-friendly plan of care and payment option.

Professional Care is Affordable Care

Have you always thought that home healthcare is about accepting only what you can pay for when it comes to professional care? The truth is, and different from other agencies, Classic Home Healthcare is here to work with our patients and families. We have set up many forms of payment, and our patients will never have to settle for less care than what they deserve because of the cost. We are here to work with you, and to assist you in any form possible, especially cost.

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